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Complex Litigation

     Mr. Shuck has been involved in complex litigation involving multiple parties and governmental entities, including numerous federal agencies, state agencies, cities, county and local entities, irrigation districts, and Indian Tribes.  Mr. Shuck has represented some governmental entities, but has also handled cases in which the governmental entity was one of the parties being sued.  In one instance, Mr. Shuck was successful in assisting a client to have governmental officials removed from office because of their unconstitutional actions.  Mr. Shuck is familiar with several areas in which governmental entities are seeking to unlawfully expand their reach and has successfully advised clients, both large and small, in defending their interests and property rights.


Personal Injury Cases.

     Mr. Shuck has successfully litigated and negotiated settlements in cases involving defective products, automobile accidents, brain injury, wrongful death, serious physical injuries, and cases involving negligence on the part of governmental entities.  The firm typically accepts personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, under which the firm does not receive its fee unless a judgment is obtained or settlement is reached.  If you have been injured as the result of an accident, you should do the following: 

  • Seek medical attention immediately and follow all your medical provider’s recommendations.

  • Contact an attorney immediately to determine how much time you have to file suit.  Every case must be filed within the statute of limitations and/or claims periods and these time frames vary depending on the facts underlying each individual case.  If you need help determining the statute of limitations applicable to your case, please call us at (307) 432-0767.

  • If you may need future medical treatment, be careful not to settle before the extent of your injuries are fully known.  You need to be aware of the statutes of limitation or claims period.  The extent of some injuries, such as knee and back injuries, cannot always be fully known until some time has passed.  Settling too early may result in settling for too little to cover all your future medical expenses.

  • If a governmental entity is involved, seek the advice of an attorney to help you file a governmental claim quickly.

  • Keep a diary of how the injury affects your ability to work, engage in other daily activities, and the pain and limitations associated with the injury.

Mr. Shuck has been involved in 6-7 appeals of personal injury and other complex cases to the Wyoming Supreme Court and other appellate courts and is familiar with appellate procedure.