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Mr. Shuck provides complete estate planning services -- from formulating your estate plan to handling the final probate estate, non-probate estate, or trust management and disposition.  Legal services include:

1.    Last Will and Testaments

2.    Various Types of Trusts

3.    Living Wills/Advanced Health Care Directives

4.    General Durable Powers of Attorney

5.    Special Limited Powers of Attorney

6.    Do Not Resuscitate Orders (DNRs)

7.    Probate of Estates

8.    Dealing with Lost Wills

9.    Codicils to Update Old Wills

10.  Trust Amendments/Restatements to Amend Old Revocable Trusts

11.  Non-Probate Estate Distribution Processes, including:

  • Affidavits of Survivorship

  • Affidavits of Distribution

  • Applications to Distribute Real & Personal Property