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  • Chairman of Lien Statute Study Committee.  The Wyoming State Bar established the “Lien Statute Study Committee” to explore ways to improve Wyoming’s construction lien statutes and address numerous concerns.  Mr. Shuck served as Chairman of the Lien Statute Study Committee for several years, and served as chief draftsman as the Committee prepared proposed revisions to the Wyoming Statutes.  Mr. Shuck testified before numerous legislative committee hearings related to the proposed changes and was appointed by the Joint Judiciary Committee to its “Lien Statute Task Force.”  The Wyoming Legislature considered the Committee and Task Force recommendations from 2006 to 2010 and enacted revised lien statutes in 2010.  It would be difficult to find a Wyoming attorney with more experience with Wyoming’s construction lien statutes.

  • Construction Liens.  Mr. Shuck represents contractors, sub-contractors, materialmen, homeowners, and commercial property owners in construction lien cases.  When a contractor, sub-contractor, employee or materialman has not been paid for services performed or materials furnished, Mr. Shuck assists clients in perfecting a lien.  Once the lien is filed, Mr. Shuck assists clients in negotiating a settlement.  If no settlement is reached, Mr. Shuck assists in foreclosing the lien.  In addition, Mr. Shuck represents homeowners and commercial property owners who have had liens filed against their property to defend against lien foreclosure.

  • Contract Disputes.  Mr. Shuck represents construction industry clients and property owners involving construction contract disputes.  Mr. Shuck drafts contracts and addenda to construction contracts in an effort to avoid disputes on the back-end of the project and make sure you are properly positioned and protected in the event a dispute arises. When construction contract disputes arise, Mr. Shuck aggressively represents his clients in assisting them to resolve the matter.

  • Residence Bidding Preferences. Mr. Shuck advises construction industry clients involving Wyoming’s ever-changing residency bidding preferences.


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